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Check out Wooster’s web page about Symposium. Please check the symposium guidelines, posters are not the only presentation option at Symposium and there may be a better option available to show off your research. You might also want to consider participating in the the CoRE Awards. Consider registering for Creating a Poster for Symposium for […]

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Create Interactive Posters with Augmented Reality

Overview When presenting a poster at conferences or conventions, the ability to understand your project can get lost in a wall of text and static data. Augmented Reality [AR] can enhance and highlight your project with movement and sound. AR is defined as the use of technology that overlays digitally generated information over what the user sees in the real world (Webster Online Dictionary). People visiting a poster can download an app […]

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NCPH Conference Recap

The National Council on Public History conference took place in Hartford, Connecticut March 27-30th. The conference brings together public historians from all over to discuss, workshop, share, collaborate, and much more on challenges and opportunities within the public history field. Digital Public History Lab I feel very lucky to have facilitated a session and participated […]

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Garage Band

Garage Band is an audio editing software available on Apple's App store for Macintosh computers. It … [Read More...]

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Adobe Photoshop is one of most popular image-editing programs for professionals, available for both … [Read More...]

Epson BrightLink interactive projectors

What is it? The Epson BrightLink projector is a short-throw interactive projector.  The projector … [Read More...]